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    Alfrend Swantex Sales Ltd. is a licensed Importer and Exporter of European medical devices and pharmaceuticals.

    We represent a pan-European network of companies with over 30 years of experience in the medical import an export industry and consequently, we have a mature database of customers and suppliers.

    The demand on our services and products continues to grow and so we are always looking to develop relationships with other companies in our industry sector for improved supply and delivery. We look very carefully for companies who share our values and philosophies.

    We believe in ‘ethical’ trading. We believe in delivering the highest quality products at the most competitive prices to our customers so they in turn, can deliver quality and value to theirs. We also believe that our systems and operating procedures place us at the forefront of compliance with standards defined by regulatory bodies.

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    In 1978, two firms, Alfrend Ltd. and Swantex Ltd. merged to form the group of companies under which we now operate.

    Prior to this Alfrend Ltd. was established in Gibraltar in 1959 and Swantex Ltd. had been established since 1969. With this wealth of experience, some thirty years, the Alfrend Swantex Group of companies has established itself in Gibraltar as one of the leading firms in imports and exports of general merchandise and as commission agents.

    Alfrend Ltd. traded mainly in non-foods whilst Swantex Ltd. as wholesalers of foodstuffs and confectionery. The merger of these two firms resulted in the present diversification. It is not uncommon to receive requests from clients for products such as hand tools, surgical instruments, printing materials, power cables and many others.

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    • 40 Years in Business
    • Pharmaceutical & Healthcare is our Primary Field.
    • Total Personnel: 10
    • 4 Sales Team
    • Distribution to Pharmacies & Healthcare providers